We developed an AR Story for BCR’s StartUp Nation Campaign. The purpose was to explain the bank’s involvement and assistance provided to the companies that qualified for this program.

To this purpose we provided custom design for the illustrations meant to explain the campaign and the 3D modeling and animation of those illustrations.

Also we designed 4 image triggers that represented the four principal industries dominant in this program this year: IT, Real Estate, Services, Food.

The end result was an image triggered AR digital flyer.

BCR also invited us to join them in their caravan in 6 cities (Constanta, Ploiesti, Oradea, Craiova, Tirgoviste, Iasi) where we got the chance to present this AR Story alongside with other use cases developed by us.

The banks used indexAR to make their services stand out, train their employees or make the onboarding process unique.

Image Trigger Gallery

Icons Gallery

Event Photo Gallery

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