As a newly registered Independent Software Vendor (ISV), we decided to get in touch with the
international teams of Microsoft partners. This event gave us the opportunity to promote our
solution to an international market.

Before and during the event, the Microsoft Partner Development Manager assigned to us, offered
his entire support to get in contact with the Romanian and CEE Microsoft team.
This led to a better understanding of how we can use the Microsoft ecosystem to promote our
Through their internal team and also through distributors like Logicom, Alef and Nod we could reach
the end customer.

We found out that during the established meetings with the Western European Microsoft Teams,
having your Microsoft Partner Development Manager present to introduce you, helps a great deal.

But the event also provides opportunities to get in touch with other companies that are ISVs, like us.
Some of them offer services related to AR technology but don’t cover all the requests that they
receive from their customers and that’s a great way to start a partnership.

The event has a lot more to offer than just great networking, you can test the latest tech from
Microsoft, attend sessions with Simon Sinek or get to know what are Microsoft’s plans directly from
Satya Nadella.