For this year’s winter holidays, Samsung Romania came up with a list of 24 activities on how to spend quality time with your loved ones.

These activities will get randomly assigned to their followers through the Social Media AR Filter “Home Smart Home”.  

Users can post on social media videos of the activities that are assigned to them. These reels can be followed by another video of them, while they are performing those activities. 

This filter is available on Instagram and Facebook.


Technical Insights

“Home Smart Home” is the fourth Social Media filter we are developing for Samsung Romania.

Besides implementing the requirements from the creative brief and making sure the UX was smooth, we have paid special attention to user’s onboarding stage.

We’ve made sure that additional instructions were provided to the users, if the frontal camera wasn’t active, or they didn’t face the device properly. 

Also, we’ve made sure that even if the users would move around while using this filter, or any environmental conditions would change during the recording, the overall UX would not be affected and the content will be displayed properly. 


Usually, it’s not recommended to display text in AR because it might prove hard to read. 

But, in this case, “Home Smart Home” managed to pull it off through a combination of display time, contrast, design and transition effects.   

The sound track must be mentioned as well, as an inspired add on to the holiday vibe of this AR Filter .