Factory 4.0

In the context of the Covid19 pandemic, we have partnered with the Factory 4.0 event organisers to bring in front of their audience the Industry 4.0 solutions through Augmented Reality.

This is an event that addressed Digital skills & Industry 4.0. topics and it that took place in Bucharest on the 13th of October 2020.It was a hybrid event, with approximately 50 participants on site and more than 1000 online.

The organisers and the representatives of the companies involved in the event decided to provide their audience with a 3D Augmented Reality Expo.The purpose was to allow the attendees to preview & interact with industrial technologies through Augmented Reality (AR).

There were 5 companies that exhibited during this event: Bosch Rexroth, ifm electronic, Phoenix Contact, Accenture and Hygenium.

In the context of the Covid19 pandemic restrictions, the companies were able to bring their industrial solutions in front of their customers through an AR exhibition.

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